We specialise in the repair and restoration of crystal glassware to members of the public as well as specialist glass dealers and companies alike.

We are a small independent business, trained as glass decorators. Combining both traditional skills and modern crystal glassware technology, we are able to restore a wide range of damaged glassware back to its former beauty, from wineglasses, tumblers, large bowls and vases to chandeliers and many other crystal glassware ornaments.

Chipped rims and the bases of glasses can be ground out and re-polished, or re-cut/re-shaped to disguise the crystal glassware damage. In some cases, broken bases can be replaced, in the same way stoppers for decanters can be repaired or new ones supplied and fitted. Scratches and stains can be polished out. We have also been able to transform many broken crystal glassware items into a useful articles

This gives just a brief description of the many types of work that can be carried out on crystal. Please do not hesitate to contact us were we will be happy to discuss any queries you may have concerning restoration, repair or processing work.

Tel: 0121 6046891

Mob: 07971 788414

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