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ChinaMend has been established for over twenty years and has been engaged in extensive china restoration, especially with antique dealers and private individuals in the North West, Birmingham and the Midlands.

We are an Internationally recognised business and are prepared to travel within the UK or abroad at the client's expense.

ChinaMend is currently based in North West England. Proprietor, Jackie Cranmer has twenty years of experience restoring all types of china, pottery and porcelain including Royal Doulton, Capo di Monte,  Lladro, Beswick, Capodimonte, Dresden and Chelsea Gold Anchor. These can includes all types of figurines, jugs and vases. ChinaMend use a range of techniques to restore, allowing an invisible repair. Any missing pieces can be made to match the piece undergoing restoration.

Oil paintings and frame restoration service also available.


You can now benefit from Jackie's extensive experience. We offer a 2-day introduction course with one-on-one tuition - no experience required! Learn how to restore your own pieces of pottery. All materials supplied plus refreshments, get in touch with Jackie - see 'contact details' below.

Postal deliveries accepted.  Please call for details:

Tel:  01772 719313
Mob: 07971 788414


Contact Jackie Cranmer  TelephoneTel: 01772 719313  Mob: 07971 788414  E-MailEmail: 











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